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Sally Flower is a delight to have in one’s home.

Warm, cheerful, highly intelligent, beautiful and beautifully presented — Sally is deeply considered about her work and positively contributed to my home.

During two on-site consultations, Sally helped me unpack and set up after a move. I wanted to create a home that would support me in my life and work, and she was perfectly placed to help me do that.

From the moment she entered my apartment, Sally started saving me money with her excellent advice and ideas. By helping me make better use of existing storage options — and encouraging me to donate or discard items I had too many of — she enabled me to reduce my furniture shopping list.

I continue to be enriched by the life-enhancing principles I learned from Sally re what to store where, how and why.

Who wouldn’t want to open their home to someone trained by the pioneering Marie Kondo herself, and who has lots of international tidying, professional and life experience of her own.

I highly recommend Home Sanctuary.

Hannah, Melbourne VIC 2020
Sally Flower konmari
Sally Flower, Master Konmari Consultant
"I have noticed a HUGE improvement in quality of life since my online lessons with Sally"

I worked with Sally remotely over a period of 6 months. She kept me on track, held my hand and made a process I had been trying to finish for 16month come to an end. I am so much happier in my home now.

– Amy, Regional N.S.W
“The next day I opened my drawer and it felt like Christmas"

I worked with Sally after reading the Marie Kondo books and it was not until I worked with Sally did I completely understand the folding. I have so much more space now.

– Maree. Melbourne
"Sally was instantly able to help me in the areas I was struggling"

Before my lesson with Sally, I only went to my desk if I had to - now I can't wait to study or work there. Even though there's a lot we can gain from Marie Kondo's books, everyone's space is ultimately unique. This is why I highly recommend Sally's consultation service to anyone, whether they are a KonMari novice, have begun the KonMari journey or think they've completed their tidying marathon!

– Samantha, Melbourne VIC
"I can honestly say that my lesson with Sally has had a profound impact on not only my storage but how I consider my belongings"

Sally helped me prioritised my wardrobe, she helped me carefully go through all my clothes and keep only those I loved. She developed a new storage system for me enabling me to quickly get ready in the mornings.

– Ange Drake, Preston VIC
"Our home has changed for the better"

I feel a lot lighter. I loved the concept of only having to overhaul your house once, and it has proven true!"

– Lucy Bell, Fitzroy VIC
"I listened to Sally for about 30 seconds on a podcast and knew instantly I had to work with her"

Sally came into my home when it wasn't feeling the greatest - when she walked out it was completely different home! She has a wonderful presence which gave me the confidence to do the work I needed to, clearing out and cleaning out, and filling our home with the things we love and joy. She has taught us some great new habits for the whole family and has inspired us all to continue down the path she has taught us.

– Tess, West Melbourne, VIC

At first, I wondered how much I would get out of it because I’ve read Marie Kondo’s books multiple times and attempted the Konmari method, but Sally was able to instantly help me with areas that I was struggling with and opened my eyes to storage areas I had never seen before.

After many years of tiding up and accumulating more household stuff, I was at my wit’s end without a direction.

After reading Marie Kondo’s book on organizing and tidying up your home I decided to tackle it but we continued to fall back into the same cycle.

Enter Sally Flower from Home Sanctuary. I found Sally on google while looking for a Konmarie practitioner in Australia. Sally was due in Sydney so she kindly organized to do a home session with my family and me.

Sally is a kind and practical person with a passion for helping people to create a “Home Sanctuary” not just an organize and tidy up. Her methods are aligned with the Marie Kondo principals however she brings her own energy and style into your house which was a breath of fresh air.

I recommend Sally highly and know that who every she works with will be enlightened.

Thank you, Sally, you have put us on our journey toward our own more minimalistic home sanctuary.

Paul, Oatly NSW 2019
home sanctuary organsied wardrobe
Sally Flower, Master Konmari Consultant