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Find a simpler, lighter way of living with sustainability

advocate and master konmari consultant Sally Flower.

At Home Sanctuary we create harmonious, peaceful and calm spaces through holistic organisation and tidy techniques. 

Home Sanctuary is built on a foundation of sustainability, living under the belief that small changes in our environment can have a big impact on our wellbeing and the lives of others.

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Our founder, Sally Flower is Australia’s first KonMari trained organiser and its now bring Marie Kondo’s life-changing magic to Australia. In addition to being a platinum-certified tidying consultant, Sally is an avid yogi and business professional with over 8 years of corporate experience.

Meet the Symbols of Home Sanctuary
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Respect the environment and keep the lightest footprint whenever possible.

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Organise our space, keeping and purchasing only the items that will serve us.

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Live in harmony and wellness with our living environment and with those around us.

What our customers are saying
"I have noticed a HUGE improvement in quality of life since my online lessons with Sally"

I worked with Sally remotely over a period of 6 months. She kept me on track, held my hand and made a process I had been trying to finish for 16month come to an end. I am so much happier in my home now.

– Amy, Regional N.S.W
“The next day I opened my drawer and it felt like Christmas"

I worked with Sally after reading the Marie Kondo books and it was not until I worked with Sally did I completely understand the folding. I have so much more space now.

– Maree. Melbourne
"Sally was instantly able to help me in the areas I was struggling"

Before my lesson with Sally, I only went to my desk if I had to - now I can't wait to study or work there. Even though there's a lot we can gain from Marie Kondo's books, everyone's space is ultimately unique. This is why I highly recommend Sally's consultation service to anyone, whether they are a KonMari novice, have begun the KonMari journey or think they've completed their tidying marathon!

– Samantha, Melbourne VIC