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Learn how to create your very own Home Sanctuary

You’ve watched the hit Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, and maybe you’ve even dipped into Spark Joy. Now learn how to organise your home (and keep it that way!) by joining a workshop with Australia’s very first KonMari Method trained tidy consultant, Sally Flower.

At Home Sanctuary we are passionate about creating sustainable happy homes. That is why in our workshops we focus not only on how to declutter, but how to deal with the “eco-guilt” and how to make long term positive change.

Home Sanctuary KonMari Workshop

“Fantastic workshop! Loved every bit – thank you for sharing your passion and gift with us.”

Jane, Melbourne – workshop attendee

“Sally’s enthusiasm is infectious. I loved how the method is broken into categories – it’s not too overwhelming.”

Kate, Bendigo – workshop attendee

“Great balance between methods of presentation: talks, slides and practical demonstrations.”

Helen, Mornington Peninsular – workshop attendee

From the workshops you will;

— Learn how to get started with tidying, and how to maintain momentum.

— Learn how to build a healthier relationship with your space by bringing daily mindfulness techniques into your home.

— Learn the key KonMari principles and be guided through the categories of the KonMari method.

— Hear real-life examples from Sally’s tidying lessons and learn how to overcome common tidying challenges.

— What your sustainable home looks like and key tools to get you there.

— Be able to ask all your burning tidy questions!

Next workshop

  • Sydney 3 hour KonMari Workshop –  Early 2020
  • Melbourne 3 hour KonMari Workshop –  Early 2020
  • Advanced Home Sanctuary Making Workshop – Early 2020 (location TBA)

Subcribe below and we will let you know soon as dates are released.

“The KonMari Method has been explained to me in the best possible way. I am motivated and confident.”
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Home Sanctuary KonMari Workshop

Melbourne Workshop – March 2019

Put 30 motivated and mindful woman in a room and what do you get? Positive energy, motivational vibes and a whole lot of fun. THAT is exactly what happened at April’s “Learn to create your very own Home Sanctuary” workshop.

We worked through the KonMari principles, deep diving into each of the categories answering questions and sharing stories along the way. Attendees not only learnt my top tips for starting their home wellness journey but how to maintain momentum.

“I am inspired and ready to finish decluttering, I know I am. Thank you”

“Excellent. I loved the whole thing. I could have listened to Sally forever”

“Beautiful space, interactive and full of knowledge. Enthusiastic and passionate KonMari guru! Very inspiring.”

Theses Home Sanctuary graduates now have the tools & confidence to create their own simpler way of living with less clutter and chaos, and more joy.

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