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Welcome to the Home Sanctuary Videos Page.

To help make your home sanctuary experience as simple and as smooth as possible, we have grouped together our favourites videos, workshop recordings and top tips and discounts all in one place.

This is a little taster of what you will receive when you work one-on-one with Sally. 

We hope you love it – and you think we are missing please contact us. We are always eager to support more green businesses.

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How To Video Support

The KonMari Method & How To Spark Joy
Sorry, this video is reserved for clients.                                                       
Packing to a weekender

How To Complete A Sustainable Declutter

Seasonal Wardrobe


Folding underwear
Fold t-shirt so it ‘stands up’
Folding wide neck t-shirt

Sally’s 30 second Tips

Downsizing When A Full Wardrobe Makes Us Feel Safe
Organise Tupperware
Tidy Craft Supplies
Sorry, this one is also is reserved for clients.
Organise Spices
…and this one. 

Sponsored Tutorials and Events

How To Use The KonMari Method – Mirvac
Storage Workshop – Kmart
kmart masterclass
The Ultimate Wardrobe Declutter Workshop – Garage Sale Trail
Spark Joy for Uni Students – UNSW

Packing and Storing Sentimental Items
How to Move a Wardrobe
Packing and Moving a Kitchen