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10 Day Challenge

Welcome to the #homesanctchallenge 2021

Day 1: Make Your Bed

Yep – that simple! If you usually rush off out the door without having time to make it, you might not have experienced how much of a difference coming home to a nicely made bed makes. Don’t just pull up the covers, actually make the bed properly as if you had your mother coming to stay. Plump up the pillows and tuck your sheets in properly.


Not only will making your bed help your bedroom feel instantly more decluttered, but it means that come this evening, you’ll get to experience that lovely feeling of climbing into a freshly made bed.

Sally Making A Bed
Already a serial bedmaker?

Turn your attention to the floor, clearing away stray items and folding up any clothes that have been left lying around. A clear floor will make the space feel calmer, reducing your stress levels and aiding in the ease of sleep. The bonus of a tidy bedroom is that you will also set yourself up for the following day as you wake up to a tidy room in the morning.

For more sleep tips check out our blog Your Sleep Sanctuary Nighttime Rituals. Or our key tips to Decluttering and Simplifying Your Life.


Share and win: 

A photo of your Sleep Sanctuary to win a virtual KonMari Consult.  Simply tag @homesanct & #homesanctchallenge on the social platform of your choice.


Refold a drawer of your choice. If you haven’t used the KonMari method to fold before, you are in for a treat!

For beginners, we suggest starting with simple items like t-shirts.

Watch this 30-second video to see how it’s done, and don’t forget to take a ‘before’ photo of your drawer before you start!

If you’ve already been folding your clothes vertically for a while, then move on to one of the options below.

  1. Arrange your clothes by colour, lights at the front of the drawer, darks at the back.
  2. Fold your underwear. It deserves to be stored properly just like your other clothes! In fact we suggest using shoe box lids for sock and jocks, they fit perfectlyWatch this video to see how.
  3. Plastic bags. Yep! Let’s go there. We all know that they’re terrible for the environment, but try as we might, somehow a few still end up in the house. Fold them in thirds as you would a t-shirt, tuck the handles in, and store them standing up in a small container under the kitchen sink.
konmari method folded clothes
Share & win:

Show us your folding skills by posting your ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots using the hashtag #homesanctchallenge. Don’t be shy, we want to see the transformation!

Go further:

Declutter as you go! Don’t refold items you don’t enjoy wearing, donate them instead. If you need some help visit our blog “What is the KonMari Method & How To Use It”.

Day 3: what does 'home' mean to you?

You can’t start a home wellness journey if you don’t know where you are going. Understanding what your ideal home looks and feels like is an important first step in working towards your home sanctuary.

Today’s task is, therefore, to simply write down what you love about your home. What things are you most proud of? Is there a particular room or aspect you love the most?

Writer’s block? What you love can be physical, emotional or stylistic attributes. Feel free to think about other spaces you’ve loved too, whether it’s a historic museum, a friend’s cosy kitchen, or a hotel room with soft lighting and gold trim which made you feel like you were in a Parisian daydream.

Check out our blog on goal setting too.

Go Further:

Write about your experience so far, has your attitude towards your home changed? Do you want it to change?

What are your challenges, your dreams & goals? Get them out of your head and on paper, or onto a vision board if you are the creative type.


Snap a pic of what you love most about your home and share to win (don’t forget to tag us @homesanct)


Did you know that I changed my business name from Organise Australia to Home Sanctuary because I believe this process is about so much more than organising? We all deserve to live in a sanctuary. Read more.

Day 4: Declutter Your Bag or Wallet

Whether it’s your handbag, gym bag, or briefcase, it’s very likely that you’re lugging around some stuff you don’t need. Old receipts, a muesli bar you’ve had for weeks (but never eat), and maybe even the keys to the side gate you never use.

Your task for today is to clear it all out. Completely empty your bag and wallet and get rid of anything that you can’t see yourself using in the immediate future.

Declutter bag challenge konmari

And be honest with yourself – will you really use all those things you carry around? How often do you chip a nail that you absolutely have to file before you get home? Will you go back to that cafe for that seventh free coffee? And what about all those retail membership cards? You might find you never shop at some of those stores.

There are no rules to this process, just be honest with yourself!

Go Further:

If you don’t have an electronic wallet on your phone, head to the App Store and download StoCard right now. This little baby has reduced the weight of so many of my client’s wallets, it’s a must-have.

Share & win:

‘Before’ and ‘after’ snaps of the contents of your bag! Or the number of cards you have decluttered because they are now on StoCard.

Day 5: Clean your fridge

Fact 1: The average Australian household discards 20% of the food they purchase.

Fact 2: 8% of greenhouse gases warming the planet is caused by food waste. Check out the Ozharvest facts sheet.

Food waste is one of the biggest issues facing our developed societies. Hence just like tidying wardrobes and using the clothes we have, it’s important to organise our fridge and use what food we have.

Your task for today is to know exactly what is in your fridge. 

Check bottles and jars for their expiration dates and discard anything that can no longer be used. Condense items if you can (three open pickle jars can become one!). By reviewing what you have you will be better placed to use things up and reducing potential food waste.

Go Further:

Go Further: Organise your fridge for maximum efficiency.

  • Top shelf and top door shelf: Dairy, jams and ready-made dressings
  • Middle shelf: Cooked food, leftovers and open cans
  • Center of the door: Condiments, pickles and eggs
  • Bottom shelf: Uncooked meat, fish and poultry
  • Crisper boxes: Fruit and vegetables
  • Bottom door shelf: Water, juice and bottled drinks

I learnt how to do this from fridge designers themselves, watch this video see for yourself.

Share & WIN:

Share your fridge ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, or tag us in your fridge clear out story on Instagram or Facebook.

#homesanctchallenge @homesant

Day 6: Rest

We are over halfway through the challenge now, so take today to sit back, relax and admire what you have done so far. We are all busy, and it’s so important to take time for ourselves, turn our phones off, and take some “me” time. Even if you have a busy day planned, try and block out some time for yourself to enjoy your home sanctuary.

Sally Flower Hygge at Home

But most importantly, do something that brings you joy and helps you celebrate life, whether it’s exercise, reading that book you’ve been putting off, or playing with your kids.

Message us on Facebook, Instagram or via email to let us know how you are going with the challenge and to ask any questions you might have.

Go Further:

Buy yourself flowers. Not the on sale close to dying ones, select a bunch that will lift a room. Choose a colour and fragrance with your sanctuary in mind. If you are lucky enough to have a garden take a stroll and create your own bouquet. This is your day, add as much colour as it needs.

Share & Win:

A photo of what you are doing today to celebrate life!

Don’t forget to add us #homesanctchallenge.

Day 7: Bring a little hygge into your day

You may have already heard of the lifestyle concept referred to by the Danes as hygge. Hygge (pronounced ‘hooga’) is a national obsession in Denmark, helping the Danes survive long, freezing cold winters by snuggling up indoors, book and hot chocolate in hand. The whole idea is to create a cosy atmosphere through soft lighting, comfortable furnishings and delicious, home-cooked food.

Your task, therefore, is to find a way to bring a little hygge into your day.

How To Hygge:

Start by switching off the TV and if possible, your phone and laptop too. Now, for the Aussies, it’s a little harder to achieve that ‘cosy’ feel in summer, but even in these warmer days you can still light a few candles, throw open the windows to let in fresh air and decorate your home in flowers. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere today will be ideal!

No matter where you are, if you can, turn one of today’s meals into a celebration. Enjoying nourishing food and conversation over a meal shouldn’t just be a holiday thing! Set the table, use those napkins tucked away for special occasions and get out your favourite china. You could even set up dinner in the backyard to make the most of the weekend, or take a picnic to your nearest park. If you live alone take the opportunity to create a special meal for yourself or invite a couple of friends over for a chilled night in.

Happy hyggeling!

Message us on Facebook, Instagram or via email to let us know how you are going with the challenge and to ask any questions you might have.


Learn more about hygge, read our blog on “The Art of Hygge: From The World’s Happiest People“.

Day 8: Declutter your inbox

Your task today is

Google inbox
How To Declutter Your Inbox

1. Delete: Get rid of all those emails you really don’t need to read. Ask yourself if it’s really the best use of your time to be reading advertising material today.

2. Organise: Create folders in your inbox and start filing anything already actioned. I suggest trying folder names such as family, travel, health and receipts. Or if you already have a folder system, review it and declutter those also. You’ll likely find that you’re keeping some emails you really don’t need anymore.

3. Pending: Remaining in your inbox should only be emails waiting to be actioned. Your inbox can now be used as your “pending” folder.

4. Reduce: The key to maintaining an organised inbox is to reduce what comes in. Unsubscribe to any emails that take away your valuable time or encourage you to buy things you really don’t want.

Go Further with a social media healthcheck:

Social media can be both a blessing and a curse. It is the perfect way to connect quickly with other like-minded people, but absorbing images of carefully curated, beautiful things and people can also contribute to anxiety and depression. Perform a social media health check on yourself by reviewing your follow lists, and unfollowing or removing accounts that don’t bring positivity into your life.

Share a social media account that brings you joy!

Post it on your Facebook or Instagram stories, giving them a shoutout, tag us and don’t forget to use the hashtag #homesanctchallenge.

P.S. You can give us a shout out too if you would like! *wink face*

Day 9: Declutter your photos

When was the last time you scrolled through the photos on your phone and appreciated every single last one? We’re guessing not very recently! Part of the reason is probably that you have so many photos that it’s hard to enjoy them.

Organising photos

Our digital clutter is growing, and you may have thousands of photos on your phone, and many more on your laptop, not to mention in photo albums. Imagine though, opening your phone and at a glance seeing just the ones you love, not 1000s you can’t appreciate.

Your task today is to delete some of the photos not bringing you joy. As with books, shoes or clothes, you’ll need to look at each one and ask yourself if it sparks joy. Make a goal to declutter a certain number – whether it’s 50, 100, 200, or 500. It is unrealistic to try and declutter them all in one day.

Go Further:

Empty a physical photo album (yes –  take all the photos out) and put back in only those you love and enjoy looking at.


A photo you found that brought back happy memories! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #homesanctchallenge

This is mine, Dad and me in the New York Subway. I can’t remember what we laughed about, or why, it’s even a little blurry, but this candid shot brings me so much joy.

Day 10: Use A Sentimental Item

If you’ve recently done a big declutter, you likely came across a few items which you have been holding on to for sentimental reasons, but which never actually get used.

Your final task for the challenge is to find one of these sentimental items and use it.

Do you avoid bring out the special china in case it breaks? Is that expensive candle gathering dust because you simply can’t bear to use it up? What about that beautiful item of clothing you are saving for a ‘special occasion’ that never actually seems to arrive? These items were made to – and deserve to – be used!

Today we challenge you to light the candle and savour the beautiful fragrance. Open a delicious bottle of wine and use the ‘good’ glasses. Organise a date night and get dressed up in that special outfit, or if you don’t want to head out, take it out of the wardrobe and hang it on the back of the door so you can admire it for a few days.

Good Luck!!

Go Further:

Give a sentimental item a new home. Sentimental items are the most emotionally highly-charged objects we own. Often they bring us the most joy but we tuck them away for preservation. Is there an item you love but never see? Can you give it a new home? Or just bring it out for a week to enjoy?

Use A Sentimental item, like this vintage china

A photo of the sentimental item you used. Remember you are not alone, a lot of us have many things we hold dear. The image above is the 68 piece dinner set inherited from my grandmother.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #homesanctchallenge

Share & Win

Share a snap of your daily challenge for a chance to win a virtual KonMari tidy lesson. Winner will be drawn on day ten. You can enter as many times as you want. Simply add #HomeSanctChallenge & tag @homesanct on FaceBook, Instagram or LinkedIn. The more joy, love and home wellness devotion the better.

The Prize

The winner will receive a personalised virtual consult with Sally valued at $100.


We can only see your posts if your social media profile is public. SO if you want to enter the competition on a private profile you will need to send us a private message on Facebook or Instagram.

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