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Home Wellness Consulting

What We Do

At Home Sanctuary we create harmonious, peaceful and calm spaces through holistic organisation and tidy techniques.

We use a mindful approach to help people reconnect with themselves, and their home environment. We help people find spatial wellness for all living and working environments.

Why Home Sanctuary

At Home Sanctuary we believe small changes to our environment can have a big impact on our wellbeing and the lives of others.

Home is more than a shelter; it is an oasis, free from the pressures of the outside world. It is space where we can let go and be our truest happiest self. We believe calm and conscious living can be found through daily home rituals.

Our Services

KonMari Tidy Consulting

In-home, in-office or online tidy consulting. Gold Level Consultant, certified by KonMari Media Inc.


Systematic, stress-free assistance to let go of items that no longer serve you, both physically and mentally.

Downsizing & Moving

Sorting, packing or unpacking assistance for ensuring a smooth transition through all stages of life.

Corporate Programs

Health and wellbeing advisory programs.

Home & Office Organising

Hands-on home and office organisation and storage solutions.

Our Rates

In-Home KonMari Consult

$350 per consult

Sally will come to you and help turn your home into an uplifting sanctuary. She will show you how to make the most of your space; personalise and teach you how to use the KonMari Method and provide hands-on help where you need it most.

As per the KonMari standard consultations are three hours long, and tailored to the individual.

You will learn;

  • how to decide what to keep and what not to
  • how to let go of those items you’re just not sure you need
  • how to pack, store and arrange cupboards
  • how to fold clothes to maximise your storage
  • how to pack for holidays and moving
  • change the way you purchance to maintain a mindful, simple lifestyle

For More 
Please call us on
0424 407 974 or email us via our contact page. 

Virtual Home Wellness Consult
$80 per hour

If you are seeking that extra personalised assistance and professional advice, remote consulting is available. Through virtual meet-ups, Sally will amplify your self-driven organising skills and keep you on track to quickly meet your home sanctuary goal. You will receive a personalised KonMari tidy plan and mindfulness coach to successfully simplify your environment.

Lessons can be spread over an agreed timeframe to assist self-directed home organisers to meet their tidy objectives in line with their lifestyle.


You will:

  • have your own tidy coach
  • receive a personalised tidy plan
  • receive professional advice to beautify your wardrobe, kitchen and home
  • personalised advice on how to overcome & complete those sections you are getting stuck on.

For Bookings
Please call us on
0424 407 974 or email us via our contact page. We will book a time and get you organised.

In-home Estimates

One bedroom homes will generally take 2-4 sessions.

Family homes of 3+bedrooms will generally take between 4 – 8 sessions.

However, we understand that everyone’s home and needs differ and can provide more accurate estimates over the phone.


There are no travel costs for in-home lessons within 15km of the Melbourne CBD.

In-home lessons over 15km from the Melbourne CBD will incur an 80c per km surcharge.

Interstate and international lessons are available. Contact us to find out more exact costs based on your location.

The question of what you own is actually the question of how you want to live your life. Marie Kondo

Corporate Wellness

As a financial advisor, our founder Sally Flower spent many years working in corporate environments. This experience enables Sally to understand the benefits of spatial wellness and employee wellbeing in the workspace.

Sally can work with your staff and leadership team to enhance your office space, and deliver employee wellness programs, to assist in the development of conscious calm employees and work satisfaction.

Home Sanctuary Experiences

Our experiences are coming soon. If this is something you would like early registration for, please email us at