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Keynote Speaker

Sally is an experienced speaker, proud sustainability advocate and home wellness coach. She is remembered for her contagious energy and ability to engage an audience in a fun and insightful way. 

Sally adds a face and realistic advice to the new movement of less.

Sally is one of Australia’s leading decluttering experts and promoter of spatial wellness. She provides her audience with the information and advice they need to make positive change.

Sally is currently completing her post-graduate studies of Environmental Sustainability at Melbourne University. She is also a certified yoga instructor and an experienced business consultant. Sally has over five years of expertise in business simplification and change management within large corporate organisations. She understands the complexity and strain complex workplaces can have on employee mindset and productivity.

Sally is a unique position to deliver the benefits of organisation through the lens of sustainability, home wellness and workplace productivity.

Keynote topics:

  • What is the KonMari Method 
  • How to Spark Joy
  • Benefits of an Organised Life
  • Decluttering 
  • Home Mindfulness
  • Combating Consumption 
  • Downsizing & Moving Home
  • KonMari Demonstrations with Audience participation
Sally Flower, keynote speaker

Brand Ambassador

Let customers experiance your brand

An influencer has a unique power to influence the perception of others, or gets them to do something different.

They hold a level of trust and authority given by the audience based on the influencer’s perceived knowledge and expertise on a specific topic. On average, businesses generate $6.50 in revenue for each $1 invested in influencer marketing .

Sally has helped business from mulitple industry types reach new audiences and boosted media coverage.

For collaborations contact Sally directly at or call 0424 407 974.

Sally Flower konmari method

“Sally adapted the content to be more relevant and engaging for my audience, whilst still staying true to the KonMari method. She was amazing to work with and I have made some changes in my home and life since”

Program Event Manager
Sydney University

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